27 November 2022 to 2 December 2022
UTC timezone

How to submit a summary to IYNC2022?

Submission process

The submission process consists of two steps.

  • First, the author must submit an abstract with a maximum length of 300 words providing key information about the work. The author must also select the technical track(s) with which they feel their study can match. The abstract, whose only purpose is to assign the contribution to the right track, will be accepted within 1-2 days.
  • Then, the author must submit the summary (in .pdf format) following the IYNC2022 template, to be found at the bottom right corner of the Overview section. Please carefully read and follow the instructions of the template before submitting your summary. Summaries must have a minimum length of 2 pages and a maximum length of 4 pages.

The deadline of the 14th September 2022 applies to the summary submission. Hence, make sure you submit the abstract two days before so that your summary can be submitted on time. This is the final extension, which means that later submissions will no longer be considered for the Technical Program of the conference.